Singer Songwriter

T:zi was born in 1979 in Singapore. He first won the Songwriting competition held by Perkamus. He was signed by Gecko Records Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in year 2001 and launched his first album “Wasilah”.

In 2003 he ended his contract with Gecko Records Malaysia Sdn Bhd and set up his own Production label, Hazelbayu productions.

Produced albums for Malaysia and local with different genre’s, such as “Projek Sirrfillsirr” with a world music genre and ”Imaya” a Malaysian artist with a pop genre. He also involves himself in the education market, producing educational songs for the young and learning, and soundtracks for dramas “Dimensi” and “Keluarga Adam” in Malaysia for Astro and TV2. Bringing himself in the theatre scene, he produce soundtracks for their acts. His production label involves in video productions producing music video clips for local, screened on local television. Apart from music video clips his production label involves in filming documentaries for National Archives of Singapore and producing their own upcoming documentary about the lifestyle and culture of the Cambodians.

Being influenced by folk music, T:zi directs his music with a spirit rooted in tradition as well as contemporary. In him, a soulful voice, he implements folk songs with a modern twist and approaches song writing with a sense of progression.